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Mar 15th 2011

New review:


Author: Zoran Janković

U „povratničkom" Cirkusu Columbia, nastalom na osnovama romana Ivice Đikića, Tanović priču o povratniku iz Nemačke koji se vraća u hercegovačku varoš u sam osvit rata zaodeva ruhom „tople ljudske priče".
Cirkus Kolumbija
Cirkus Kolumbija
Ničija zemlja Danisa Tanovića sada je u velikoj meri zaboravljen film, ali i dalje slovi kao rečit argument u prilog tezi o teškim i pogubnim kalkulacijama kada je reč o dobitniku Oscara za najbolji strani film. Posle tog slabog filma Tanović se bacio na dve inostrane produkcije (L'Enfer i Triage), koje su malo koga zanimale, te se sada vratio rodnoj grudi.

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Serbian horror: “6 DAYS DARK”; ...

Aug 11th 2010

Serbian horror: “6 DAYS DARK”; exclusive pics

As genre features from Serbia continue to attract attention on the fest circuit (with further U.S. exposure soon to come), a new fright film has started rolling there that marks the first co-production between Eastern Europe and Latin America. It’s called 6 DAYS DARK, and we’ve got info and exclusive photos after the jump.

A co-production of Serbia’s Hollydan Works and Latin America’s Tayrona Entertainment (which will release it in 20 countries early next year), 6 DAYS DARK is being directed by first-timer Ben Perry from a script by producer D. Daniel Vujic.

Hollywood thriller filmed in Serbia</p><p>A ...

Jul 23rd 2010

Hollywood thriller filmed in Serbia

A film named Six Days Dark, directed by Benjamin Parry and written by Daniel Vujic, began its on-set production in Vojvodina. The starring roles in the movie went to Oleg Vidov, Lenora Rincon, Uros Urosevic, Ana Maljevic and Svetlana Petkovic.

The plot revolves around Tanja J (Ana Maljevic), who has a lover, a Russian businessman, portrayed by Oleg Vidov. However, the businessman’s wife appears suddenly, who cast a curse on Tanja. The girl is then forced to leave and stay at her aunt’s place in Mali Zvornik. That is when the film takes a twist towards a psycho-thriller feel.

“I play the character of Tanja and there are scenes in the film that take place in parallel, those with the character played by Svetlana Petkovic, Tanja’s alter ego,” says female starring role Ana Maljevic.

The film has so far been shot in several locations, with one of the most interesting in the town of Beocin. The setting is as follows: An old castle in Beocin, rustic and dark. The residence of one of the chief villains – major Vigo (Uros Urosevic). The walls are ramshackle just like the entire place, with candlesticks and torches lying around everywhere. Ana Maljevic’s character walks into the castle which still looks inhabited despite its state. It’s Tanja who is there at first, then she transforms into Jelena Petkovic’s character. There are masks which complete the realistic transformation of the actresses. The tale speaks of the six days of terror so horrid, it is unspeakable.

The character of Tanja J. pulls all other characters into the storyline.

“My experience with actress Lenora from Venezuela is really interesting because her style of acting has brought something entirely new to the set, an unfamiliar acting technique for us here,” said Ana.

“Besides the experience from Venezuela, I am really happy to have met Oleg Vidov, a wonderful Russian actor whose presence added a special touch to the shooting,” said Ana.

Oleg Vidov is a Russian actor born in the Soviet Union, who played in Bitka na Neretvi, as well as many other former Yugoslavian films.

The premiere of Six Days Dark is scheduled for November, 2010. The executive producer of the film, Dragan Daniel Vujic, has recently worked on a high-budget feature film The Lost City.

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Jul 20th 2010

New review:


Author: Jason Paré


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Jul 19th 2010

New review:


Author: Evil Andy (Dread Central)

“Where there is no life, there is no art” intones the snuff film director in A Serbian Film, but it might as well be the tagline of the movie. While much ink has been spilled regarding the boundary obliterating sex and violence on display in this self-funded Serbian shocker, it is the artistry of the film that one hopes it will be recognized, and eventually remembered, for. However, while full of raw power, the film’s commentary is somewhat blunt, and due to its Eastern European provenance, and a superficial similarity to torture porn, it seems far more likely that A Serbian Film will be regarded simply as the terminus of onscreen depravity.

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The domestically produced animated movie ...

Jun 14th 2010

The domestically produced animated movie Technotise – Edit i ja [Technotise – Edit and me], created by Aleksa Gajic, will soon have its Hollywood remake with the staring role given to Milla Jovovich.

The trailer for the film, featuring Jovovich, has attracted the attention of powerful people in Hollywood, among others Laeta Kalogridis, the producer of Avatar and screenplay writer for Shutter Island and Alexander. She has decided to do a remake of the Serbian animated film and transform it into a Hollywood hit.

The successful directorial duet of ...

Jun 14th 2010

The successful directorial duet of Milan Todorovic and Milan Konjevic, who are best known as the creators of the first Serbian zombie movie Zone of the Dead, are preparing another horror film – The Maddening.

The movie will be produced by renowned British horror film producer Julian Richards, who will be working closely with Nikola Pantelic. The staring role in The Maddening has been handed to British actor Craig Fairbrass, who has appeared in TV show The Unit and film The Alpinist, opposite Sylvester Stallone.

Danger: UXB genre label set ...

May 20th 2010

Danger: UXB genre label set to explode in Britain

UK sales outfit Jinga Films has specialized in interesting fright fare (it’s repping Srdjan Spasojevic’s controversial shocker A SERBIAN FILM, among others, at the current Cannes Film Festival). Now the company has set up its own genre banner, UXB, and announced its first pair of projects.

Screen Daily reports that UXB will soon roll THE MADDENING, directed by ZONE OF THE DEAD’s Milan Todorovic and produced by Julian Richards (director of THE LAST HORROR MOVIE and SUMMER SCARS) and Nikola Pantelic. Busy Brit horror regular Craig Fairbrass (pictured) will star as a former SAS soldier attempting to protect an American rock band stranded in Serbia after a bioweapon leak causes an outbreak of mass hysteria. Richards will then helm SUICIDE SOLUTION, produced by RED WHITE & BLUE’s Bob Portal, in which a father and daughter go on a killing spree in Austin, TX.


May 17th 2010

Serbian bestseller "Constantine's Crossroads" by Dejan Stojiljkovic, highly exciting epic thriller about the Nazi search for the sword of the famous Roman emperor Constantine, will soon get an epic movie adaptation, planned for 2012.
Staying true to the book, "Constantine's Crossroads" will follow the Nazi search for the sword of emperor Constantine, which was forged from the nails which had been used to crucify Jesus Christ. But since the movie will cover a great period in history following the destiny of the mysterious sword, there will be many magnificent scenes depicting great moments from ancient history: emperor Constantine's rule from his imperial city Naisus in Serbia, the legendary meeting of the Holy Roman emperor Friedrich Barbarossa and his 100,000 crusaders with Serbian king Stefan Nemanja in medieval Serbia .....
The producers are planning to make a visually stunning and rich movie, and the author of the book has already mentioned that he would like Kevin McKid in the role of emperor Constantine. As you know, Constantine was one of the 16 Roman emperors who were born in Serbia in one of the many imperial Roman cities spread around ancient Serbia. One of the goals of the movie is to promote Serbian history and also the jubilee of the Milan Edict, a letter signed in year 313, by emperor Constantine that proclaimed religious toleration in the Roman Empire, after which Christianity rose to become the dominant religion in Rome.

The Life and Death of a Porno Gang (2009)

Apr 16th 2010

New review:

The Life and Death of a Porno Gang (2009)

Author: Jay Seaver

SCREENED AT THE 2010 BOSTON UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL: Well, I can't say that I got anything less than could be expected from that title, can I? It's right there - life, death, people making porn, far more direct than its somewhat more infamous cousin, "A Serbian Film". So, if you're squeamish, you've been warned. It may do you some good to check it out anyway, though - it's ugly and raw and depraved, and the occasional reminder that this is the only somewhat amplified reality of everyday life in some parts of the world is kind of healthy.

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Gigra (Rođen kao ratnik, 1994)

Apr 2nd 2010

New review:

Gigra (Rođen kao ratnik, 1994)

Author: Lurple

An awkwardly endearing brawling action picture from Serbia, Gidra stars Dragomir Stojanovic, better known as Gidra. Unwilling to let things like acting get in his way, the little man carries the picture with amazing athleticism and boundless enthusiasm. Unwilling to back down from any challenge, he was born to be a warrior!

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